Acupuncture & Acupressure

Acupuncture originated in China and is an ancient form of treatment that makes use of very thin sterile needles. The needles are inserted into and through the skin into specific points on the body and stimulates the body’s own defenses to heal. Easily one can explain what that acupuncturists helps the body help itself. Acupressure is performed at various inches and finger pressure instead of needles.


Chiropractic is a treatment technique used on healthy joints and where one focuses on functional deficits demonstrated reduced mobility in the spine and leg joints. The technology means that the joints normal range of motion overcomes the reduced range of motion. The chiropractic treatment while giving the patient a relaxing effect on tense and tight muscles.


Laser is a light of a wavelength in the long continuous waves that affect the local immune system, circulation of blood and lymph vessels. This pure light activates the parts that have impaired function, which among other things reflected in increased healing, decreased inflammation, pain relief and local increase in the immune system. Medical laser treatment is used in inflammation, pain, muscle-joint problems, repetitive strain injuries and musculoskeletal injuries, tendon and suspensory injuries.

Examination & Movement tests

Examination of the muscles, soft tissues, joint movement and muscle symmetry. Examination of the horse in motion, with or without a rider, the hard and soft surface, the straight and curved track. Control of equipment, ex. saddlery and harness.


Stretching maintains and increases muscle and soft tissue. Stretching is used in muscle groups or on a specific muscle after hard work. This favors the muscle blood flow thus more easily carry away waste products like lactic acid. It is important to know when to stretch, but it is more important to have knowledge of when you should not stretch.


Massage resolve tense and sore muscles so that they retain their elasticity and suppleness. Muscle Balance and coordination improved. Massage, as well as stretching, promotes blood circulation and helps the body’s fluids to carry away waste products. Massage can be done both before and after work.